Red Velvet Dog Birthday Cake Kit

Are you a fan of a good ole' fashioned red velvet cake? Us too, which is why Puppy Cake wanted to create a birthday cake mix recipe your favorite pooch can enjoy on a special occasion such as their birthday!

This cake mix will result in a light, fluffy and moist cake for your dog to enjoy. We believe that our furry friends should be celebrated in style, which is why we wanted to create a healthy birthday cake you can make at home for fido. These dog birthday cakes come complete with icing. We keep it simple so each mix only requires one egg, oil and water. You can also microwave or bake these cakes for the best treat your dog has ever had! 

• Available in one size
• Includes bone shaped pan, red velvet cake mix, icing packet, sprinkles, and 1 candle. 
• Cake: Rice flour, cane sugar, baking powder, salt, and beet powder
• Icing: Tapioca starch and unflavored yogurt powder