About Us


Oh My Pawd

     Oh My Paw'd is a small business that offers dog shirts for humans, animal apparel, cute cat gifts, and designer dog collars and leashes. We are based out of super hot Phoenix, Arizona with multiple warehouses world wide!

Vanna White and Blackie Chan cats Oh My Paw'd
     Our two rescue cats, Vanna White and Blackie Chan seen above, inspired us to start selling our handmade tshirts on Etsy. We started with just two shirts, "I Just Want To Drink Wine and Pet my Cat" and "I Just Want To Drink Wine and Pet My Dog," and soon customers were reaching out asking for custom dog breeds or cat breeds on tees. It was so exciting! We slowly started creating customized shirts with popular breeds such as French Bulldog, Dachshund, or Persian, and soon customers were asking us to switch out wine for beer or pizza. It sort of exploded from there and now we are proud to offer a variety of different vices alongside hundreds of different custom dog t shirts.

     Because of our print volume we started hiring people to help prepare orders, and design sassy new graphics. Quickly we decided that we wanted to offer stuff besides dog shirts for people and cat apparel for humans, but on Etsy you are only allowed to sell handmade items. We wanted to add cute dog collars, funny cat gifts, and quirky gifts for dog owners! With that in mind, we purchased our domain and built a website so that we could start offering goods that aren't made by us... So here we are and I'm thrilled that you stumbled upon us! 
     We only launched our site in January 2017 and recently brought people on to start manufacturing hipster dog collars and cute cat collars. We've had such a fun time locating quality materials and fun, quirky fabrics for our handmade collars. 
     Next, we've searched high and low to find reputable companies all over the world that sell dog lover jewelry, funny dog gifts, and cute cat gifts! We'll be adding items to the website as we source them. I can't wait to share all the cool things we've found! Finding quality products that pass our stringent quality control team is what Oh My Paw'd is really about! Customer service is very important to us and we strive to answer customer emails within 6-12 hours Monday through Friday. On the weekends, Vanna and Chan need cuddles and kisses. I'm sure you know how that goes! We still attempt to answer emails even then on our down time. That's how much you mean to us!
     We prefer to keep our prices reasonable year round and offer free ground shipping for all of our customers located within the USA. We have occasional sales and our customers can be notified of them by joining our newsletter or following us on Instagram here or Facebook here. Don't miss out on giveaways too! Those are the only ways you'll be notified of them. 
     Email us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions! We love hearing from our customers and also seeing both our dog and cat customers, alongside our human customers, in their Oh My Paw'd swag! Tag us on social media with #ohmypawd and you might even find yourself featured on our website!