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  • February 20, 2017 2 min read

    Cats are secretive animals. Unlike dogs they do not greet us at the door every evening, tails wagging, tongue out, giddy with the idea that we are home. Our cats are more likely to just walk by us with their tail in the air with an aire of arrogance.

    You may wonder why? You give them a great place to sleep, you buy Fancy Feast, the best litter and you even bought the biggest cat scratching climbing post you could find. Yet, you occasionally see little Whiskers giving you the stink eye from across the room. WHY??

    Here might be a few reasons:

    1 – You play the who can look away first game.

    Well, talk about getting the stink eye maybe you started it first! I have inadvertently done it. You look at your cat and then suddenly before you know it you are locked into a staring contest. This can actually spark your cat's aggression. Who knew?

    2 – You dress him up like a lion....and not just on Halloween.

    Some dogs don't mind wearing a sweater because they have light coats and need some warmth. My mom does it for her Chihuahuas and they enjoy it. However, if you think you can put butterfly wings and little antenna on your cat and not have them seething with a little hatred you are kidding yourself.

    3 – You pet them more than they want.

    So, Whiskers finally hops up on your lap and gives you the ok. So, you go ahead and start giving them a nice petting. Then suddenly Whiskers gets all aggressive. That is because a cat, just like a human, likes only likes a certain amount of attention and then like THAT. They are over it. Here are the places to concentrate on and the places to avoid.

    NO belly rubs.
    DO scratch the base of their chin.
    DO scratch the base of their ears.
    DO scratch their cheeks behind the whiskers.
    And don't forget to scratch the elevator butt.  

    4 – They are not a dog.

    Your cat loves to go outside on a warm summer day, play in the grass, chase grasshoppers and you thought “HEY. This is something we can do together.” News flash they do not like to be put on a leash and they will plop their furry little bodies down and you will end up dragging them around. This will only lead them to loathe you even more.

    5 – Again THEY ARE NOT A DOG!

    Only dogs give “Hi fives and shake.” Cats do not like their paws being played with. However, if your cat does allow you to touch their paws that is the ultimate sign of trust. So maybe they don't loathe you all that much but beware....you are asking for a scratchin'.

    6 –  You recreate the Lion King scene every single time

    Your cat is not Simba nor does it like being lifted up by its midsection, butt dangling in the air. Look at that cat? Does he look happy to you? This is definitely grounds for your cat to hate you.

    Try to stay away from some of these hate making behaviors and your cat may learn to love you a little bit more.

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