Oh My Paw'd Brand Ambassadors

Bronson @bronsonthelab.chronicles
My name is Bronson. I am a yellow lab. My parents named me after a very calm and obedient working puppy in training they met a long time ago hoping I will take after him. Well... We will see... I  am still a puppy but I got a big personality. I also got lots of energy and love to share with everyone I meet, and this sometimes gets me in trouble. I love food - any kind. I like to destroy cardboard and paper bags and make a huge mess in my house. I also enjoy posing  for the pictures. Well, honestly, I know I am going to get the best treat if I sit still, and I would do anything for a good treat, so I do sit still. I'm really excited about showing off Oh My Paw'd's line of designer dog collars!

Rocko @livinwithpack6
Hey there! I'm Rocko a 9 mo old Frenchie who loves life in the Pacific Northwest. I'm an outdoor guy who enjoys a good hike as much as meeting new people.  I'm the "6" in livinwithpack6 on Instagram. So hop on over and check me out. I can't wait to show off Oh My Paw'd's line of unique dog collars!

Leia @leiathebrownpit
My name Leia. I am a brown pit mix (or at least that's what my mom and dad guess I am). I was adopted from a county animal shelter in Georgia when I was two months old, and I love my forever home with my three other dog sisters. I love playing with them, fetch, chewing on my toys, napping and swimming. I'm really excited to be part of Oh My Paw'd and I'm looking forward to showing off their dog accessories.