Rocko @livinwithpack6
Hey there! I'm Rocko a 9 mo old Frenchie who loves life in the Pacific Northwest. I'm an outdoor guy who enjoys a good hike as much as meeting new people.  I'm the "6" in livinwithpack6 on Instagram. So hop on over and check me out. I can't wait to show off Oh My Paw'd's line of unique dog collars!
Cosmo is a Silver Labrador puppy from Southern California where he lives with his Mom, Dad and human sister. He loves to spend his time playing at the dog park with other doggos and loves to snuggle and create mischief for his mom! Cosmo is a registered emotion support animal and is currently mastering puppy training! He loves to rock his trendy Oh My Paw'd collars to match his unique personality. You can follow along his adventures on instagram.